Fun Self-Care Activities for You!

No matter how hard we try, it’s impossible to stay stress-free all the time. It is crucial now more than ever to give our souls and our bodies the love and peace they deserve. Self-care can mean different things for different people. Here’s our take on some healthy tips to make sure you feel your best after a rough day:

5 Ways to Boost your Beauty from Within

Contrary to popular belief, beauty isn’t limited to what you apply topically on your face only. Sure, makeup and skincare are amazing self-care options, but there’s more to it. 

Ten Beauty Swaps for a Sustainable Lifestyle

With consumerism peaking in the world right now, it is more crucial than ever to move towards living a more sustainable lifestyle for the betterment of the planet. That doesn’t mean you can’t take care of your skin or purchase your favorite makeup (amongst other things). It just means that you have to be smart about it. Here are ten beauty swaps that will help you live a minimal and more sustainable lifestyle, and remember you don’t have to do everything at once:

Magical Shea Butter

Shea butter is the fat derived from the nuts of African Shea trees.  It is great for your skin, but it also is a product almost exclusively produced by women in Africa.  It carries benefits both for our skin, but also elevates the women who produce it, when it is purchased with fair trade practices.  

A Guide to the Best Hydrating Ingredients

Just like our body needs water, our skin also needs hydration to stay plump and youthful. It is essential to use hydrating ingredients in your skincare routine no matter what skin type you are. There are multitudes of skincare products present in the market. We’ll dive deeper into what beneficial ingredients you should look out for the next time you make a purchase.

Delicious Biscuit Recipe

Our near future is in flux right now, and I feel so uneasy about it.  This combined with the colder season has me turning to my favorite comfort foods.  Chicken and dumplings, biscuits, and anything I can smother in gravy (I like gravy, ALL the kinds). I wanted to share my biscuit recipe.  My biscuit […]

Homemade Marshmallows

I have an obscene love of marshmallows.  In general, I’m not a huge sweets person, but I can devour a whole bag of marshmallows in one go…  I said obscene!  I’ve been dying to try to make marshmallows, but I haven’t worked with gelatin before, and I have to say, I was a bit intimidated by […]