The Squalene Dilemma

highly sought-after ingredient because it is naturally found in our skin. The compound of squalene (and its derivative squalane) emulates the natural oils produced by our bodies. So it’s no secret as to why it is coveted by the cosmetic industry. Understand the dark side of the story.

Green Beauty Revolution

Beauty products have come a long way in the 21st century. With advanced technologies and innovative formulations, the beauty industry is making leaps and bounds with its progress. However, we still have a long way to go when it comes to sustainable beauty. Our planet has so much diversity when it comes to plants, animals, and other natural wonders. The Earth provides us with so much. So it’s up to us to do our part and encourage sustainable practices in all industries, including beauty and skincare. 

Supporting Women in Business

s are springing up everywhere these days, and if you ask us, we couldn’t be prouder. It feels invigorating to watch women grow and succeed. This paves the way for our younger generation of women to adopt an entrepreneurial mindset and follow their dreams.  

Skinimizing – Simplify Your Skincare

Taking care of your skin is an absolute must. No matter the time of the day or how busy you may be, it is crucial to take out time for yourself. However, skincare has become overly complicated these days. With millions of products on the market, one just can’t decide what they should get. Add to that, skin types and social media influence, and you get easily perplexed with zero ideas of how to adopt or adapt a skincare routine. So why don’t we go back to the start? Skincare basics and a simplified skincare routine are all you need for healthy skin.

Simple and Beautiful Holiday Looks

There are multitudes of holidays celebrated all over the globe. Fortunately, we get to witness diversity in every facet of these holidays, be it Thanksgiving, Diwali, Hannukah, Christmas or Kawanza or the many others. There are so many things to relish about these beautiful moments, food, family, togetherness. It’s also a great excuse to get […]

A Guide to the Best Hydrating Ingredients

Just like our body needs water, our skin also needs hydration to stay plump and youthful. It is essential to use hydrating ingredients in your skincare routine no matter what skin type you are. There are multitudes of skincare products present in the market. We’ll dive deeper into what beneficial ingredients you should look out for the next time you make a purchase.