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You will love Happy Lotion Bars by Lizziecaye.

  • Made with wholesome natural ingredients to protect and nourish your skin.
  • Rich in vitamins E, A, and C, as well as lecithin and potassium (naturally occurring in avocado oil)
  • Happy Lotion Bars utilize a formulation of essential oils which all have uplifting and – happy properties.
  • With a high content of beeswax, this mixture is great for protection against the elements. Whether gardening, hiking, skiing, or sailing, this will offer an extra layer of protection and nourishment.
  • All ingredients are organic, except our beeswax, which who can say where the bees wander. Our beeswax is sourced from my family’s hometown in North Dakota, at a small family-run bee farm.
  • This is a perfect gift for anyone. Whether its a hard-to-buy gift for an In-Law, someone with sensitive skin, teacher gifts, or just an anytime gift.
  • Due to being handcrafted no two bars are exactly the same.

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I’ve always loved formulating and making my natural and organic products for our household.  From cleaning solution to salves and lotion bars, I’ve enjoyed making these thing for a healthier home.

So many products have so many ingredients in them, many which or incomprehensible, and may that are considered carcinogenic.  I have sought out raw ingredients that are wholesome, organic, or as close to organic as possible to formulate my lotion bars.  Their are meant to be an all-over skin care product bar.  There are no preservatives or unnecessary fillers added.  It is a highly concentrated solid-state bar that is loaded with hight quality ingredients.  Each bar is approximately two oz and can last several months.

Being an eco-friendly product is very important to me.  All of my products are packaged in recyclable packaging.  All of my shipping materials are also paper, including the padding the the shipping envelopes.

Daily use is recommended for skin repair while as need use is recommenced for less damaged skin.  This will help you cracked skin finally see repair.  These butters and oils penetrate deep into the layers of the skin to repair and restore while the beeswax helps to protect the outlier of skin from losing more moisture.  As with any skin issues, make sure you are drinking lots of water.


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