Essential Oil Facts Part 2

n this article I’m going to be telling you about 3 more components of essential oils.  




Essential Oils Facts – Part 1

The therapeutic benefits of essential oils are incredible, and I’m so happy to share a bit of information about that with you today!  

I’ll be sharing a bit of info about the chemical make up essential oils in general today.   There is so much info, that I won’t bore you with a super long post so we will only cover a few today.  Enjoy!!

Delicious Biscuit Recipe

Our near future is in flux right now, and I feel so uneasy about it.  This combined with the colder season has me turning to my favorite comfort foods.  Chicken and dumplings, biscuits, and anything I can smother in gravy (I like gravy, ALL the kinds). I wanted to share my biscuit recipe.  My biscuit […]

OCD except for that forest and trees thing…

We all do our lives differently, and falling into the somewhat OCD category, I don’t like things on horizontal surfaces.  I want wide open, uncluttered surfaces.  That said, once a surface gets cluttered, I sort of stop seeing any individual thing on it, and become terrible at seeing the mess or specifically the things I […]

Finding time

Let’s face it, finding time in our busy lives is a constant struggle.  With home schooling, taking my daughter to dance classes (one week she’s in 5 classes, plus about 5-7 hours of practice, and the next week she has 8 hours of classes plus practicing), making dinner, and cleaning house, it seems like there […]

Pie & Never-Fail Crust Recipe

I love pie, I think most people love pie! Now that we are getting into the holidays, and especially Thanksgiving, PIE is on my mind, as well as using pie to teach fractions…(more to come) Most people who have had my pies, really love my crust, which is funny to me, since I really don’t […]

Why Oh Why and My Favorite Recipe for Facial Cleansing Oil

I’ve always loved formulating and making my natural and organic products for our household.  From cleaning solutions to salves and lotion bars, I’ve enjoyed making these thing for a healthier home. So many products have so many ingredients in them, many which or incomprehensible, and many that are considered carcinogenic.  I have sought out raw […]

LizzieCaye Beauty

What I’ve been up to lately! I’ve been messing with Essential oils for the past 27 years, and always loved the mixology aspect of it.  When I started it was not easy to get ahold of many different kinds.  Especially in North Dakota (where I’m from).  You could find some, but not always reliably.  I […]

Homemade Marshmallows

I have an obscene love of marshmallows.  In general, I’m not a huge sweets person, but I can devour a whole bag of marshmallows in one go…  I said obscene!  I’ve been dying to try to make marshmallows, but I haven’t worked with gelatin before, and I have to say, I was a bit intimidated by […]