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The Rich Goodness of Cocoa Butter

Cocoa Butter comes from the fat of cocoa beans, mainly found in Western Africa. The use of Cocoa Butter dates back several thousand years because of its diverse nature. Solidified Cocoa Butter has a discreet chocolaty scent and spreads easily over your skin.

Magical Shea Butter

Shea butter is the fat derived from the nuts of African Shea trees.  It is great for your skin, but it also is a product almost exclusively produced by women in Africa.  It carries benefits both for our skin, but also elevates the women who produce it, when it is purchased with fair trade practices.  

A Guide to the Best Hydrating Ingredients

Just like our body needs water, our skin also needs hydration to stay plump and youthful. It is essential to use hydrating ingredients in your skincare routine no matter what skin type you are. There are multitudes of skincare products present in the market. We’ll dive deeper into what beneficial ingredients you should look out for the next time you make a purchase.

The Importance of Clean Beauty

We see ‘Clean Beauty’ and ‘Ethical Beauty’ making its way through the world of skincare these days and for good reason too. People are more aware now of what goes into the ingredients of their skincare and makeup which is why the demand for cleaner and more eco-friendly products on the rise. 

What is the Green Beauty Revolution?

The Green Beauty Revolution has a few facets to it.  Let’s start with transparency of ingredients, then the use of ingredients that are local the where they are made or sourced from environmentally friendly places then zero animal testing, and practices, then we can talk…

Essential Oil Facts Part 2

n this article I’m going to be telling you about 3 more components of essential oils.  




Essential Oils Facts – Part 1

The therapeutic benefits of essential oils are incredible, and I’m so happy to share a bit of information about that with you today!  

I’ll be sharing a bit of info about the chemical make up essential oils in general today.   There is so much info, that I won’t bore you with a super long post so we will only cover a few today.  Enjoy!!

Resin Kitchen Table

I went from creating jewelry and small baubles to launching this project….

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