Hello and welcome to my little place on the internet!  I’m always busy with something, and nearly always have too many irons in the fire.  I grew up in North Dakota, with an underlying value system from my Grandma Edna I tend to work very hard.  Historically that has been working very hard for others.

I’ve had a couple of online businesses over the years, mostly involving handmade objects that were created from recycled objects.  One of my most involved projects was needle felted purses.  Back then I wasn’t a mom yet, and had more time to create.  These days, I’m looking for other ways to reuse what we can, and create with what cannot be recycled, that or simply not taking things packaged in plastic where I can.

I am frequently so disappointed that so much of what we buy is layered in plastic.  I do what I can.

My most current project is creating Lotion Bars, using natural and organic products to create a super dose of moisture and protection for your hands and body.  All of the packaging is recyclable.

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