We’ve come a long way from the days of bunnies having eyeshadow crammed under their eyelids. As good as that is, we can still do better. It is not a surprise that the market space for ethically produced beauty produces is growing. LizzieCaye Beauty is committed to use ethically-sourced ingredients in our products to ensure sustainability and protection of our planet. Sustainability is a vast term that encompasses various aspects, like environmental, societal, and ethical. Let us delve deeper into all these elements and see how ethical beauty comes into play.


Many of the products by LizzieCaye contain ingredients that are derived from plant sources. These include:

These ingredients are used in their formulations because of their properties and abilities to help restore, rejuvenate, reduce inflammation, heal sores and eruptions, and moisturize the skin.

No Animal Testing

There are many others, too! The best part about using ingredients derived from plant sources is that we avoid any animal cruelty when doing so. Animal testing for beauty is truly unnecessary. The only testing we do, is on ourselves and volunteer participation. 

Fair Trade

We want to source all of our products in a way that ethically benefits those that produce the raw materials we use.  We believe that cheaper doesn’t always mean fair to the people who produce the raw materials.  We want those who are working to provide these things make a fair wage that helps them sustain a lifestyle where they can provide for their families, with out being under constant fear.

Sustainable Packaging 

LizzieCaye also focuses on sustainable packaging for its products. It is reusable and recyclable to prevent single-use plastic wastage on our planet.  

Circular Economy

Our goal is to have the ability to have you send your bottles back to us for refills or reprocessing, or the tins for reprocessing.  We will be providing a method by which you can print a free label to ship these items back to us.

Our Ethical Promise

We are constantly looking for better solutions.  We are hoping that as we grow, we can use our market space and financial gain to help other small business looking for eco-supplies to avoid some of the challenges of being small. 

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