Couples Self-care Fun for Valentines’ Day

Valentines Day is nearly here! Here are some fun couples self-care ideas!  Whether you’re going to spend it with your significant other or by yourself, we’ve come up with some creative ideas to make sure you make the most out of it. Valentines’ Day is another opportunity to indulge in some fun activities to give yourself and your loved ones a much-needed serotonin boost.

❤️ Sunset Picnic 

Enjoying a romantic meal while taking in the sunset can be awe-inspiring.  This will give you some lovely alone time together. This can also be a car picnic for those of you who live in colder climates.

❤️ Spa Day 

Have a spa day at home with your partner or book a spa for the day! Facials, relaxing massages, and mani/pedi are a treat any time of the year. Plus, it’ll give you the chance to bond and enjoy alone time.

❤️ At-Home-Date

Run a hot bath to soak in. You can include scented candles and your favorite music to create the perfect ambiance. Pair that up with your preferred choice of food and voila, the ideal evening for Valentines’ Day is ready.

❤️ Engage the Senses  

Look for things for each other that represents the five senses – taste, smell, sight, touch, and sound. The items don’t need to be expensive, but can be something you make, make together, or pull together from what you have at home.  The idea is doing the activity together.  This is a popular and interesting activity. You’re in for a playful night indeed!  

❤️ Yoga & Take Out

Have a yoga date with your significant other and then get some takeout.  You can do at home yoga or find a great studio. Satisfy your cravings and get some blood flowing with a yoga challenge.

Try out these fun-filled ideas to have an amazing Valentines’ Day. Let us know if you have any others to add to the list!! Have a fabulous Valentine’s Day!!

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