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Skinimizing – Simplify Your Skincare

Taking care of your skin is an absolute must. No matter the time of the day or how busy you may be, it is crucial to take out time for yourself. However, skincare has become overly complicated these days. With millions of products on the market, one just can’t decide what they should get. Add to that, skin types and social media influence, and you get easily perplexed with zero ideas of how to adopt or adapt a skincare routine. So why don’t we go back to the start? Skincare basics and a simplified skincare routine are all you need for healthy skin.


The first step to an skincare regime, is cleaning your skin.  Oil cleansing.  If you’ve been on my website much, you know that I am a huge supporter of it.  It cleans your skin, and removes most make-up, and it doesn’t breakdown your skin mantle.  Some mascara can be quite stubborn to remove, and may need a make-up remover to get all traces removed.  


Did you know that while your skin is damp after washing, you can take a few drops of your cleansing oil and massage it into your skin.  Yes, one product, two uses.  You can do a separate moisturizer, and this is a preference, not necessarily a requirement. 


I use my Lip Rescue…. I hold it on my lips to warm it up, and then it glides on.  Whatever your serum is, use it now.  


3 steps instead of 5-9.  In paring down my skincare routine, I haven’t noticed any huge changes that make me want to go back to my previous routine.  In fact, I probably use the same amount of time to do everything.  I just take more time using my face massager/cleanser (PMD) when I cleanse.  

Optionals.  Sunscreen, masks, and peels.  


If I’m not going to be out in the sun much, I avoid sunscreen.  During the dark days of winter in Seattle, if the sun does poke through the clouds, I want all the vitamin D I can get.  When I do reach for sunscreen, I only use a fully mineral based sunscreen.  It might leave my skin a bit paler then wanted, but it’s the only sunscreen that has not had links to cancer(yes, check your ingredients!!). 


They are a lovely addition to a self-care routine.  I just don’t have time to do one every day.  For me, this has been relegated to once a week.


If you love them, do it!  If not, feel free to skip.

Great Skincare

With a great skincare routine that works for you, skin problems should be minimized.  I still get little weird little zits when I get my period, but as soon as the hormones calm down, they go away.  Are they inconvenient, yes, but I don’t buy a specific product to get rid of them.  

Skinimizing simplifies your life! It will give you more space in your cabinets and it leads to less plastic waste, promoting sustainability. You’ll save money by buying fewer products and can speed through your beauty regimen on the days you’re in a hurry without sacrificing your skin. Plus, the whole routine is beginner-friendly. For people starting with skincare, this is the minimum effort you have to make for beautiful skin.

Easy, isn’t it?

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