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Simple and Beautiful Holiday Looks

There are multitudes of holidays celebrated all over the globe. Fortunately, we get to witness diversity in every facet of these holidays, be it Thanksgiving, Diwali, Hannukah, Christmas or Kawanza or the many others. There are so many things to relish about these beautiful moments, food, family, togetherness. It’s also a great excuse to get fancy and enjoying dressing up for these fun-filled holidays. Read on for some easy tips to style yourself up this holiday season!

Let’s start with makeup! You can opt for glowy makeup that gives you a fresh look throughout the day without budging. Use a lightweight foundation or a tinted moisturizer for sheer coverage and cover up any dark spots with concealer. Next, you can give your cheeks a rosy finish with cream blush. For a sunkissed glow, add some bronzer and set your face with translucent powder. Follow this up with coral and brown eyeshadow to add some color to your eyes. Winged eyeliner will make your eyes pop, and adding mascara will add some drama to your lashes! You can opt to fill in your brows with a precise brow pen. Lastly, apply your favorite lipstick shade to finish the look, and voila! Your holiday makeup is done!       

Now let’s move to the dressing-up part! For the winter holidays, it is best to keep yourself warm and cozy. That doesn’t mean you can’t be trendy, though! Buy a nice sweater that compliments the cold weather. Colors like cream, beige, and tan look lovely when styled up with deep-colored pants. Of course, you can also choose bold colors like deep red, blue, and purple. Pair your tops with flared trousers or stylish skirts and a pair of boots. A cute updo with some minimal accessories will make you ready for the holiday season in no time!   

Keep in mind that when going for eco-fashion, you can always find great items at thrift shops and consignment stores.  I once bought a Christian Dior ballgown at a consignment shop for just a little over a hundred dollars.  I still have it, and it’s still GORGEOUS!  I have to confess though, that I dyed it, and it’s still gorgeous.  You can find some amazing things that others no longer need.  

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