Fun Self-care Activities for a Better You

No matter how hard we try, it’s impossible to stay stress-free all the time. It is crucial now more than ever to give our souls and our bodies the love and peace they deserve. Self-care can mean different things for different people. Here’s our take on some healthy tips to make sure you feel your best after a rough day:

  1. Write. Sometimes the brain just can’t process an overload of emotions. A great way to let everything out is by getting hold of a pen and pouring your heart out on the paper. It doesn’t have to be well-thought-out. Brain vomit is just that: A bunch of words that explain what you’re feeling. Once you’ve written everything, you can tear the page up or crumple it and throw it away. You’ll feel new with a refreshed mind, we promise!
  2. Dance your problems away. Physical activity is underrated, especially when you’re feeling down. Do we really have to play sad, melancholic songs when our emotions are all over the place? Upbeat songs are much better. Blast your speakers, shake your thing! Dance like nobody’s watching. It might sound cliche, but it’s therapeutic and fun! 
  3. Spend some time away from the toxicity of social media. People may post their seemingly perfect lives everywhere, but the reality is far from the truth. Devote your free time to being outdoors instead. Go for a walk, play in the rain. Don’t forget to surround yourself with people who bring positivity into your life and spend quality time with them. That’s very important!
  4. Set up a weekly ritual for yourself that includes things like a hot bath. Some nice-smelling bath salts, warm lighting, and your favorite scented candles will help you unwind like nothing else. Get yourself your favorite food and some luxurious desserts as a treat. Amp up your skincare routine, and don’t forget to get enough beauty sleep!

Try these tips out and make them a part of your routine. If it brings you mental peace, it’s worth it!  

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