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Ten Beauty Swaps for a Sustainable Lifestyle

With consumerism peaking in the world right now, it is more crucial than ever to move towards living a more sustainable lifestyle for the betterment of the planet. That doesn’t mean you can’t take care of your skin or purchase your favorite makeup (amongst other things). It just means that you have to be smart about it. Here are ten beauty swaps that will help you live a minimal and more sustainable lifestyle, and remember you don’t have to do everything at once:

1. Buy reusable cotton pads instead of single-use ones: Many people prefer removing makeup with the help of cotton pads. So why not purchase reusable ones and reduce the overall waste you’re going to produce? Simply wash and air-dry them after you’re done, and voila! 

2. Try to buy skincare products that have recyclable packaging. Instead of single-use plastic bottles, let’s encourage the use of glass bottles that can be re-purposed. That way, they won’t end up in landfills or the oceans.

3. Baby-smooth skin. Who doesn’t want it? It’s about time that we throw away our disposable razors and purchase reusable ones. You won’t have to throw them out as often, and it is easier to simply buy new blade cartridges instead of purchasing a new razor altogether.

4. When buying makeup, why not pick a lip color that will double up as a blush? Or purchase a multi-use lip and cheek tint. You’ll save up on money and minimize wastage. Yay!

5. Try to buy skincare and haircare products that offer refills. That way, you won’t end up buying 6 bottles of shampoo that will eventually end up getting wasted because it’s non-biodegradable. 

6. Instead of buying tools like hairbrushes, toothbrushes, and makeup brushes that are made out of plastic, opt for ones with wooden or bamboo handles. Bamboo is all-natural and biodegradable.

7. Remember to pay attention to your makeup purchases, especially items like glitter eyeshadows and powders. These are often non-biodegradable and unethically sourced. Eco-friendly makeup brands will give you plenty of safe options for your glam makeup looks!

8. Sheet masks feel amazing after a long and tiring day. However, they always end up getting wasted after getting used only once. You can go for masks that come in recyclable jars for flawless skin and minimal wastage.

9. Natural deodorants are better for your health and the safety of the plant. With environmental-friendly packaging and aluminum-free hygiene products, you’ll get the best of both worlds.

10. For the women out there using tampons and pads, did you know that many of these are non-biodegradable and will eventually harm our plant? Try to switch to reusable pads or menstrual cups. These can be used for a long time with proper care.

There you go. That doesn’t sound so hard, does it? You’ll be living your best life while saving the planet too. Sounds like a great alternative!

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