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Preventing and Healing Pimples

Preventing and Healing acne and pimples can sometimes feel like a full time job.   Acne is a skin condition characterized by congested pores, closed comedones, and blackheads, amongst other things. And yes, it is as annoying as it sounds. Pimples can pop up for several reasons, which include genetics, hormone imbalances, stress, lack of proper skincare routines, etc. However, with proper care, one can prevent most breakouts. 

Here are some easy tips to prevent and heal pimples:

Absolutely NO POPPING

  • Satisfaction is a small word to describe the feeling we get when we pop pimples. Well, it’s time to stop, guys! The bacteria that is released when you pop your pimples will spread to other areas of your face and cause further problems like scarring and acne.

Skincare Ritual

  • You must remove your makeup and wash your face before going to bed. Oil cleansing is your best friend here, it helps break up make up and excess sebum, without harming your skin’s delicate balance.   Oil cleansing lubricates your pores.  This allows them to expel impurities more easily.  Your pores will stay cleaner and will breathe easier.
  • Spot treatments can amp up your oil cleanser’s abilities, with a shot of some anti-bacteria fighting ingredients. Look for gentle products with castor oil, tea tree, and lemon myrtle.  Castor oil helps pull out bacteria, while tea tree and lemon myrtle are powerful anti-bacterials, antifugals, and antivirals, yet they are gentle on your skin when used sparingly.  Always remember to do a test on an inconspicuous area to make sure you don’t have reactions to new products.

You Are What You Eat

  • Remember that our skin in our biggest organ, and it functions in a similar way to our kidneys and liver.  It helps purge the body of any junk.  (Ever had the delightful smell of alcohol the morning after a few cocktails???).  
  • What you put inside your body is as important as what you put on your face. A healthy diet full of antioxidants (fruit and veg), proteins, good fats, and lots of water will help give you the skin of your dreams.

One More for Those Really Awful Cases!

  • Cleaning or changing your pillowcase at least once a week is necessary. Harmful bacteria and dead skin cells can accumulate on them. They will attack your face like there’s no tomorrow, and new pimples will pop up.
  • Remember your Screen!!! Mobile screens and phones (if you still use one) require even more regular cleaning.

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