The Green Beauty Revolution has a few facets to it.  Let’s start with transparency of ingredients, then the use of ingredients that are local the where they are made or sourced from environmentally friendly places then zero animal testing, and practices, then we can talk about packaging, and shipping.  

People want to know what they are putting on our skin, and historically big companies have not always been upfront about what is in their products, or the label requires an upper level chemistry degree to understand.  They want complete transparency, so they can trust the companies they buy from.

People do not want ingredients that are sourced from places where they are not abusive to our planet.  Whether talking about the over production of palm oil, which has become one of the world’s leading causes of rainforest destruction, synthetic fragrances that can contain dozens of chemicals that include hormone disruptors, allergens, or phthalates – which have been linked to other health problems. People are more educated now on these topics, and they are requiring better practices.

Animal testing… No one wants to see animals hurt in the name of beauty…enough said.

People want less plastic and product waste.  They don’t want to feel guilty about throwing out bottles and jars that could have been recycled.  Especially since so much of what we recycle is not being recycled. This also includes the packaging that is used to ship the items.

We can change industry practices by using our buying power to buy things that help our planet instead of hinder it.

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