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Finding time

Let’s face it, finding time in our busy lives is a constant struggle.  With home schooling, taking my daughter to dance classes (one week she’s in 5 classes, plus about 5-7 hours of practice, and the next week she has 8 hours of classes plus practicing), making dinner, and cleaning house, it seems like there is so little time to spend on other things.  

Snoqualmie Falls

I think that like most, I don’t end up watching tv often, and choose to do this.  My biggest distraction is a good book.  I have to set aside time for some long book sessions.  

I tend to waffle between being really good at planning and prepping things to being absolutely terrible at it.  When I’m terrible at it, we eat take-out sooo much more, or have more sandwiches(tomato soup and grilled cheese sandwiches)…

I think the balance that I try to achieve is spending some quality time with my daughter and husband each week, separately and then all together as a family.  

So, if you are ever here and my ramblings sound similar or a drunk raccoon, you can probably assume that I should actually be asleep!

Next time… my tips for trying to maintain my sanity which is basically keeping my house from being a disaster area!

Thanks so much for stopping by – how do you find time?


    I don’t reply much, but listening. It is fun to read your updates… and I know you must be soooo busy all the time. I’m glad you life is full to the brim and you are enjoying it…

      Thank you!! These days I am pretty busy. It is a good busy though! I’m not stressed, but enjoying all the things I am working on cultivating. How are you?

    One day at a time… I am living in the Philippines fulfilling life long dreams and plans…. thank you…

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