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I’ve been quite busy, with lots of cooking and sewing projects, amongst other things.  I have struggled with bronchitis this year and it’s been a bit draining.  In between I’ve stayed busy.  I’ve started the process of refinishing two chairs, painted my dining room, sewed 4 dresses for some dollies, some itty bitty fairy dresses, and some curtains (that have yet to be hung) in my mother-in-laws room.

Siri & Willow EmilySoon I’ll be posting the pattern for this dress!  I found a pattern and had to make several modifications to get it to fit Siri’s Our Generation doll.
Fairy Dresses

We also got a new puppy!  Meet Astrid Elsa Patel!  Siri picked out her middle name!


With Astrid around, I’ve been much better at getting out and doing some walking and running.  Which is a good thing!

Next up is about meal planning, really truly! 😉

All the Best,

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