Happy Monday!

I love Monday’s (yes I did just say that!)!  It’s my opportunity to get as much stuff done as I can around the house, so that I can do what I want the rest of the week, without things looming over me, begging to be done.

This week, I shall try to post at least twice!  So unusual…

Today I managed to get the upstairs dusted (including one of the skylights of cobwebs, ewwwww….), and all the carpet vacuumed, upstairs & down.  Siri’s bed sheets changed,  her room dusted, and dinner has been planned, and it’s prepped.  I’m feeling pretty good about all that!

I did manage to get a bit of a head start on some housework this weekend.  I got the downstairs dusted, and the powder bath cleaned on Saturday.

I’m trying to spend 5 min in each room everyday to spruce, pick-up or do a bit of cleaning, so that when I have to really clean there is less to move around and pick-up.

How do you start your week?  Tell me about it.  What are your major to-do’s on Monday?  (Besides just getting out of bed) 😉

Later today my cousin is coming over and we are going to dye a wedding dress purple and black for a witchy halloween costume.  I’ll be posting pics of that on Instagram later.

Up later this week, my pie crust!

Have a great week!


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