Siri and I
Siri and I

Welcome to the very new  Due to so much going on in our past move, I didn’t realize how fast time went, and that my past credit card number was changed, due to one of the stores getting hack in the past two years, my hosting expired, and since I was so busy with other stuff, my past site and all of it’s contents went bye, bye.

I was initially dismayed at all the lost data and stories, but have since decided that what I must have needed was a nice fresh start.  Hopefully starting over will prove exactly what I need.

As my hobbies and endeavors are so varied, I will try and come up with some common threads.  I will also be posting all of my doll and purse patterns here for sale.  It may take some time as we are still settling into our new home in Renton, WA.

Thanks Everyone!
All the Best,

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